Medical/Dental Coding

Accurate Medical Coding can reduce Claim Denials.

Medical Coding errors can be costly and result in claim denials, besides creating unwarranted compliance issues, which could be even more expensive.
Our Medical Coding service is focused on providing high quality coding assistance to providers with different specialties. We are focused to code as per the documentation provided by the providers. Outsourcing your medical coding services to KLear Medical Solutions enables you to optimize your revenue while reducing compliance risks. We have a team of certified coders with multi-specialty experience. Some of our specialties for coding include Evaluation/Management, Same Day Surgery, Radiology, Laboratory, Cardiac Services, Emergency Department, Dental, Orthopedics, Home Health and many more.

Medical Coding Audit Services

While we audit all the coding work entrusted to us, our clients often reach out to us to perform a medical billing audit of the coding done by their team members. Our experienced medical billing auditors improve consistency with laid-down procedures and eliminate the risk of coding errors.